Thursday, 2 January 2014

orbituary to my previous life..

yes! it's an orbituary to my previous life. i dedicated this entry to my previous life. why? cos i dont live there anymore. 

current life:- 
1. boring 
2. very ordinary 
3. i forced myself to work because i need to settle all the bills. and buy things i envy. that's all! 
4. lost my beloved ayah in 2006. which until today i hardly accept the fact 
5. make new friends and lost some 

that's all i can say about my current life. even some said.. 'best la jadi kau... boleh beli benda sukahati..' , 'bujang lagi... tak de commitment.. boleh la beli macam-macam... fikir diri sendiri je..' fuck all that!  

things that i would like to accomplish in my life:- 
1. buy a home. a condominium to be specific. 
2. buy a premium handbag ie. Prada, Tods 
3. live a luxury life 
4. drive a brand new Volkswagen Beetle 
5. write a novel 

and till today... things that i would like to accomplish remain as a dream.. why? because i didnt work it out.. i just let it be a dream... 

and somehow rather... there are few things that i didnt dreamt off happened.. oh btw... i said few because my life is not great. its routine. and very ordinary.

1. bought a home for mama to stay in. even it just a cheap flat. but its mine! 
2. graduated with first degree in accounting. never dreamt of this.. after completing my diploma i decided not to further my study. 
3. completed my masters degree in business majoring in finance. what the eff?? hey! this is seriously like a dream.. me finance?? oh my! u didnt know how suffered i am.. masters degree is never in the list.
4. working as part time facilitator. this is soooo great. never in life imagining my self talking in front of 40 pax of people.. teaching! this is so unbelievable. 
5. being promoted to executive level in 2006 with my diploma qualification even im a newbies in the company. some people waited for 10 years to be promoted. 
6. knew some one who believe in me no matter what in 2005 if im not mistaken. and until today he is with me. gaves me advice when i need one. persuade me to further study. be by my side when the world turn me down. u are my Papa Smurf! and will always be.
7. met with great peoples. not just great but inspired me. too many to mention. 

there are many more things that happened to my life either i realised it or not.. 

and for 2014.. im not hoping for a better tomorrow... but i will work it out for my better tomorrow..

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