Saturday, 5 March 2016

Bali Revisited 27 Feb - 3 Mar 2016

Finally im on vacation! lalalalalala

its an unplanned trip. we booked the tickets on November 2015. Yeah! it cost us fortune for the tickets. 

Even qoutes said that 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail'. Somehow unplanned thingy could turn out to something great and memorable... ehem ehem! this is not apply to all occassion ya!

Here are the things that we did in Bali..

Day 0
arrived in bali nearly 10pm. my flight was delayed 10mins. so the other fella have to wait for me.. our tourist guide waited for us at the airport and send us to our hotel, Kuta Eco Stay, Jalan Pantai, Kuta. we are very lucky tho! the hotel surrounded with nightlife in Kuta.  since we arrived nearly midnight and hungry, so we decided to buy some foods and drinks at the mini mart nearby. oh ya! it is a budget hotel.

Day 1
no breakfast (we are cheapskate. we just ate bread we bought from the minimart)

our journey starts at 9am and our first destination is batu bulan watching barong dance.  the entrance fee is rp100k per head.  the barong play represent an eternal fight between good and evil spirits.

next is tegallalan located at ubud.  tegallalan rice terrace or sawah padi bertingkat. after snap some photos, we moved to kintamani to have our lunch with the volcano view.  the entrance fee per head is rp20k.

after we have our dinner we go to mani abian also at kintamani.  it is a coffee shop selling coffee such as coffee bali, varieties of tea and coffee luwak

we end the tour day and arrived at the hotel 6.30pm.  since its still early, me and my roommate decided to stroll around Jalan Pantai, Kuta.

my tourist guide said McD, KFC and Burger King are halal in Bali.  yes! i bought McD for dinner.

Day 2
ate McD leftover for breakfast.

Day 2 is our beach day.  we said to our tourist guide just bring us to any beach in Bali.  so he brought us to tanjung benoa.  it is a sailing and paragliding location activities.  since we are not into that, we decided to go to other places.

then he brought us pantai nusa dua, free entrance.  pandawa beach, entrance fee rp10, dreamland beach entrance fees rp10.  the wheather is toooooooo hot! we give up on pantai.  oh ya! we didnt mandi at the beach.

since it is still early, we asked the tourist guide to bring us to any mall.  we need air conditioner!  its too heaty.

then we moved to uluwatu to watch the kecak dance.  entrance fee to enter uluwatu is rp20 and rp100k to watch the kecak dance.  kecak dance is kind of ritual dance.

then, we had dinner at jimbaran beach.  the food is so so.  nothing to shock about.  however the view and the service is superb! personally, to me Sandakan is the best place for seafood dinner.

Day 3
as usual.  breakfast on the go.

first to tanah lot.  snap photo. thats all.

after that to den pasar for shoooooooping!!!  agung bali and krishna is a place to shop for souvenir. you dont need to bargain. its fixed price and its cheap.

we end the day with strolling at Jalan Pantai, Kuta and guess what.. we had dinner at Jamie Oliver's restaurant!

Day 4
back to Malaysia!

and here are the cost per person for lodging and transport:-
flight ticket - RM480
hotel - RM100
transport - RM100

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