Monday, 1 January 2018

Welcome 2018

So it’s a new year. And what’s new? Well, here are my 2017 resolutions..

1. i still wanted buy a house of my own.  instead of depend on someone else to find for me, i think its time for me to do it myself.  i cannot depend on people for the rest of my life kan?

I bought a house! Finally. A dream come true? Ok maybe not! Another debts to add on to my not so perfect life.. I bought a new car too! 

2. since i am a PG, i wish i can defense my proposal by the end of 2017.

Well, I even failed to prepare my proposal. But I managed to find a supervisor. And completed the coursework. 

3. participate in 4 10km running events. lose some weight and fat..

I ran more than 4 races of 10km. I registered 20 races.. I did not lost any weight.. But I lost some fat.. For a record, I clocked 909.17km all year round. Pheww!

4. live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of my life.

I hit the wall sometimes, and that’s normal..

And what’s for 2018?

1. Defense proposal! It’s a must I guess! If it is not in Mar, maybe June or July. Before the 5th semester end. Btw, the new house loan cost me fortune. So I have to be able to serve th loan. Hence the DBA is important to me.. 🤣

2. I wanna run at least 1 FM, 1 road Ultra and 1 trail Ultra. Ok this is sooo crazy! It’s ok if I don’t achieve this. Theres always next year.. 😑

3. Vacation - 1 local destination & 1 overseas. I wanna see the world! I do not wish to stuck in my shell forever.

4. Apply Konmarie method for my cocoon I called a home.

That’s all. What’s more important to me is.. My DBA. Focus focus and focus. Nothing else!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I'm not in a stable condition. I hit the wall. The more I run, the more it haunted me. Oh Allah, please give me strength to go true this phase.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Up and down

I've lost. For no reason. I've drown. For no reason. I've loved. For no reason. I've ignored. For no reason.

Get back up again Net. Not everything perfectly fit to what you wish.

I knew this. But I ignored.

Thank you for the sign.. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

What I talk, When I talk about running?

Blister, black toe nails, chaffing skin, tired, bonked, mental.. and the things in this world that makes me unhappy..

Very bad blister from Larian Sukan Sea. And I worsen the condition yesterday. The pain is not bearable. The most painful blister I ever had.

It's true when people said, running comes with perks. And they are all of the above.