Sunday, 22 February 2015

suatu malam

di suatu malam yang indah.. niat utama.. lepaking dengan UZ..

UZ sampai dulu.. UZ kata 'gua dekat kedai yang comel ni..'

aku pun pegi ke tempat yang di tuju.. smp tempat tu.. duduk.. kemudian ternanti-nanti.. 'eh takde layanan ke layan diri sendiri?'

nampak sign 'self service'.. oh rupanya layan diri..

nutella cup cake

it just that today i dont know what to do.. so i decided to bake a nutella cup cake.. 

10 tbs plain flour
1 cup nutella
2 pcs egg

mix all the ingredient togather. put it in a cup cake cup.. i have left over of walnut from my previous experiment.. so i used it as a decoration on top of my cuppies..

bake for 30 minutes at 170 celcius.

tadaaa!! ur cuppies is ready now!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

first knitting class

many many moons ago.. on the last day of the year.. i wrote a new year resolution to learn knitting.. unfortunately.. its not happening.. 

but today.. i make it happened! i spend RM322 at Lily Handicraft.. i bought the yarns and needles.. and they taught me for free.. 😘😘

i decided to knit a shirt.. will update u guys the final product when it's done ok..

btw.. i'm so excited.. cant wait to see the final product..