Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I'm not in a stable condition. I hit the wall. The more I run, the more it haunted me. Oh Allah, please give me strength to go true this phase.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Up and down

I've lost. For no reason. I've drown. For no reason. I've loved. For no reason. I've ignored. For no reason.

Get back up again Net. Not everything perfectly fit to what you wish.

I knew this. But I ignored.

Thank you for the sign.. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

What I talk, When I talk about running?

Blister, black toe nails, chaffing skin, tired, bonked, mental.. and the things in this world that makes me unhappy..

Very bad blister from Larian Sukan Sea. And I worsen the condition yesterday. The pain is not bearable. The most painful blister I ever had.

It's true when people said, running comes with perks. And they are all of the above.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

No expectation

Since the very beginning. Don't fall into a trap. Even salts looks like sugar!

Reminder to ownself.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Ramadhan is back!

Thank you Allah for giving me another chances to meet with Ramadhan. Ramadhan reserved so much memories in my life. 

10 years without Ayah. I missed you so much dad. Really really really missed you...

Thursday, 25 May 2017

I ran 21km

It's been awhile since my last posting. Not because i don't want to write, it is simply because i don't know what to write.

Last Sunday, i ran my first Half Marathon run. Yes you read it right. I ran 21km. The farthest run i had in my life.

Running to me know is like a cocaine. Very addictive, I can't have it all the time. But I ensure i run everytime I have the time.

So what makes me running? It is simply because I feel happy everytime i finish my run.  The feeling that I could'nt explain.

My disfunctional running family #teamprotonrunners . I'm glad I had a chance to know them. Definitely the greatest years and counting.. 

I ran my first 22.46km in 3hrs05min. Bonked at KM17, both legs cramp at KM19 to the finishing line. Absolutely a lesson to learn. 

Monday, 2 January 2017

Finally, 2016 ended.  365 days.  i just don't know what have i've done and achieved last year.  2016, the upside down of my days continued.  nothing much happened to me.  i still live in the same sarang burung, i drove the same car, i worked with the same company.

however, there are also great things happened even its very little.  i revisit Bali.  i further my study (even sometimes i've regretted it), i ran 140km in 2016 and participated in 9 events.  1 - 3km, 4 - 5km, 2- 6km, 1 - 10km and 1 - 12 - km.. wowww! this is crazy.  really crazy!  i can't believe that i can run and 12km is the farthest run in my live.  i'm sure that i am out of my mind..

so.. lets recap on my new year resolutions and my achievement even though nothing great happened...

2016. i wish for:-
1. materialise my dream to own my own crib. - i didnt achieve this.. i've carry forward this to so many years.. i just don't work hard for it and depends on someone else to do it for me...

2. further study. - i registered as a PG on March 2016 and in my end of first year.  congratulations!

3. consistence 2nd income. im a crocheter and a knitter. (not all malaysia value hand made product.. huhu) - i didnt take this seriously since i am busy with my study..

4. keep fit. at least join the running competition every quater.. (this is really really hard) eat clean.. in a way.. lose some weight and fat.. huh! this is like every year wish list.. hehe - i've mentioned this.  and additional info.. i didnt loose any weight instead, i gain some kg.  i am 47kg now! what the eff??

5. 50gm of 916 or 999.9 - i bought but dont know how many

6. save for rainy days. - i didnt save. i spent instead.  kihkihkih

2017.  what i wish in 2017?

1. i still wanted buy a house of my own.  instead of depend on someone else to find for me, i think its time for me to do it myself.  i cannot depend on people for the rest of my life kan?

2. since i am a PG, i wish i can defense my proposal by the end of 2017.

3. participate in 4 10km running events. lose some weight and fat..

4. live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of my life.

that's all! to be frank, i just dont know what i want.  i just want to live my daily life without worrying about anything and live happily..

ok that all for now.  i have to go since it is 3.53am in the morning.