Saturday, 19 September 2015

me and my crazy thought

and the craziness comes again. i've decided to prepare new proposal paper for PHD.

everything has been fated kan?  so i just go with the flow...

entahlah... i hope this time is a go to me... wish me luck!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

solution to a 'E look' hair

when your hair doesnt gave you an 'A look'.. wear beanie!

it's a hand knitted beanie by me! first time wear it.. not bad at all..

cost me about RM300 including the needles.. and i took about 2 weeks to finish.. 

im so addicted with knitting.. why la???

Monday, 7 September 2015

when i was a kid

today.. i've read one of my FB friend's status.. its about her ambition while she was a kid.. there u go.. now u ought to know how on earth did i come out with this posting kan.. hehe..

btw.. cant remember much about my childhood.. i didnt go to any vacation with my family.. school holidays to me is play time and leave the school books behind. thats all.. we are very poor at that time.. my father cant afford to bring us to any vacation..

argh! talking about him.. he visited me last week.. how i wish he still with me.. i can afford to buy him a good quality of baju now.. i can afford to bring him for a vacation.. unfortunately.. he is no longer here.. ok! thats all.. lets go back to our main topic..

i just lead a normal life as a kid.. i ride a bicycle to school.. i played a real games.. i played masak-masak.. i used to play teng-teng at the jambatan.. i played police and thief.. and many more..

when it comes to ambition.. i used to dream and wrote on my report card that i wanted to be a lawyer.. it goes on and on until i am in form 3.. after my PMR.. and transfered to vocational school.. i dont have any specific ambition.. 

all are diffrent now..

i just live my life day by day.. 

ku bahagia..

kita akan bahagia bila kita buat benda yang kita suka..

saya suka mengait.. benang sekotak! projek terbengkalai??.. hmm kronik!

tapi itulah yang menggembirakan saya.. balik kerja terus mengait.. gigih!

percubaan membuat baby blanket.. tak taulah bile boleh siap nya ni ha! pasrah!