Saturday, 13 February 2016

a student again!

finally a student again! my fourth times registered as a college student..

i arrived at UiTM on quarter to 10am.  then after some lost while finding the location finally managed to locate the main entrance of Dewan Agong Tuanku Chansellor where all the process begun..

i skipped bursary counter.. payment made yesterday at bank islam.. so i dont need to que for the counter..

i only need to go to counter faculty, counter ID card and finally the counter where i have to submit all the documents..

frankly, i dont know what's ahead.. redah je.. it may look easy but its not as easy as what your eyes seen..

my first time registered as UiTM student.. hahahah! the best part.. im the only one who came with fitflop! it didnt mention any attire on the website or anywhere.. so i just wore shirt, jeans and fitflop.. nasib tak pakai short dress! 

first pressure i gain today is.. the class will starts on 29 Feb 2016.. oh my anya!! im suppose to be on a vacation!

can u see that?? the class havent started  but i felt the pressure already.. to choose bali or class..

knowing myself.. i will definitely let go bali.. i dont mind loosing the ticket.. but i cant afford missing the class.. bali will be there forever (ayat penyedap hati)..

to come to this stage is not an easy journey to me.. it's a very long journey.. not forgotten the tears and sweats.. i hope i can make it through again this time..

this is not my dream at first.. this is not even my dream now instead.. but this is the journey i choose.. 

this is part of the life i've created!

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