Tuesday, 5 January 2016

declutter and donate!

since i've plan for moving out to my own house which i gave myself a deadline.. i have to make this happen by June 2016, so during the long weekend i decided to sort my things.

yeah! its not easy for the ultimate undomestic goddes to to the sorting. well.. u know.. its kind 'should i keep or shouldn't i feeling'.

ehemm! i started with my so called craft room which in actual fact it turn out to be my another store.

i managed to put a side things i should donate and things i should sell. even after the cleaning up process i still left with tonnes of crap! hahaha

see! see! i labeled the boxes.. i put my sewing machines in its boxes.. i sort out the bags and the paper bags.. actually i dont see any improvement before and after.. hahaha.. oh btw.. the box without the label is the donation box. i will put anything i wanna donate to that box.

all this baju are located at my craft room.. it supposed to be be all baju which i rarely use. nevertheless.. it turn out to be everything in it.. i haven't touch anything yet.. will do it later.. hmm.. i dont know which baju shud go and which baju shouldn't.

pheww! another challenge to accomplish! good luck net!

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