Friday, 1 January 2016

its a wrap for 2015

2015 has come to its end. how time flies.. feel like just yesterday i wrote for 2015.

yeah. its a wrap for 2015. nothing much happened.. among others are..
1. i didnt manage to buy a house.
2. my online business does not succeed.
3. i didnt buy any bag, instead i spent a lot for yarns. i have tonnes of yarns now.. hehehe
4. my working life is upside down.
5. i went to New Delhi for business trip.
6. i didnt go for any overseas vacation, instead i went to Langkawi and Cameron Highlands for a short break.
7. im crazy in love with gold jewelleries.
8. i went for DBA interview.
9. i knew how to knit.

thats are among the things i remembered.

2016. what i wish for the new year?
1. materialise my dream to own my own crib.
2. further study.
3. consistence 2nd income. im a crocheter and a knitter. (not all malaysia value hand made product.. huhu)
4. keep fit. at least join the running competition every quater.. (this is really really hard) eat clean.. in a way.. lose some weight and fat.. huh! this is like every year wish list.. hehe
5. 50gm of 916 or 999.9 
6. save for rainy days.

thats all for now. i may add what i wish for 2016 later..

Good bye 2015 and Hello 2016!

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