Monday, 2 January 2017

Finally, 2016 ended.  365 days.  i just don't know what have i've done and achieved last year.  2016, the upside down of my days continued.  nothing much happened to me.  i still live in the same sarang burung, i drove the same car, i worked with the same company.

however, there are also great things happened even its very little.  i revisit Bali.  i further my study (even sometimes i've regretted it), i ran 140km in 2016 and participated in 9 events.  1 - 3km, 4 - 5km, 2- 6km, 1 - 10km and 1 - 12 - km.. wowww! this is crazy.  really crazy!  i can't believe that i can run and 12km is the farthest run in my live.  i'm sure that i am out of my mind..

so.. lets recap on my new year resolutions and my achievement even though nothing great happened...

2016. i wish for:-
1. materialise my dream to own my own crib. - i didnt achieve this.. i've carry forward this to so many years.. i just don't work hard for it and depends on someone else to do it for me...

2. further study. - i registered as a PG on March 2016 and in my end of first year.  congratulations!

3. consistence 2nd income. im a crocheter and a knitter. (not all malaysia value hand made product.. huhu) - i didnt take this seriously since i am busy with my study..

4. keep fit. at least join the running competition every quater.. (this is really really hard) eat clean.. in a way.. lose some weight and fat.. huh! this is like every year wish list.. hehe - i've mentioned this.  and additional info.. i didnt loose any weight instead, i gain some kg.  i am 47kg now! what the eff??

5. 50gm of 916 or 999.9 - i bought but dont know how many

6. save for rainy days. - i didnt save. i spent instead.  kihkihkih

2017.  what i wish in 2017?

1. i still wanted buy a house of my own.  instead of depend on someone else to find for me, i think its time for me to do it myself.  i cannot depend on people for the rest of my life kan?

2. since i am a PG, i wish i can defense my proposal by the end of 2017.

3. participate in 4 10km running events. lose some weight and fat..

4. live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of my life.

that's all! to be frank, i just dont know what i want.  i just want to live my daily life without worrying about anything and live happily..

ok that all for now.  i have to go since it is 3.53am in the morning.

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