Thursday, 1 January 2015

its 2015! what's new?

its 2015 people? so what's new? resolutions? as usual.. we have tons of unfulfilled resolutions..

what happened to me in 2014..
1. i quit from Perodua. after 11 years.. i left the company without any tears. not even a drop. Perodua.. a company.. a college and a stepping stone for where and who i am today.

2. i managed to get myself in UiTM for PHD. however.. i didnt turn up during the registration day.. not because i dont want.. but i have to turn down the offer for a while..

3. i worked for Proton since August 2014. some said i sell my soul to the devil. hey people.. you just dont know.. some people can excel in Perodua and some dont have the opportunity like yours. so i have to go my own way.. you just dont know people.. you just dont know..

4. Proton. turn my world upside down.. and im still happy the next day.

5. my only brother married to the girl he loves. he is a husband now. how i wish he is still my little brother. 

i still remember i said orbituary to my previous life on 2013. to be franked.. i didnt remember my last reso. i just live my life as what being fated for me.

and for 2015..

1. i wish i could have a house of my own. my shelter and my crib.

2. i wish to be a better person. not that im bad all this years (hell yeah.. i am a bad person.. a bad singer.. a bad daughter.. a bad friend)

3. i wish i could excel in everything that i do.. (even the stone could turn up and become a diomond.. so do i kan??)

4. i wish i could spent wiser and stop buying bags and all the unnecessaries.. save for rainy days.. more important isnt it??

5. only the devil wears prada.. so prada next? 

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