Friday, 3 June 2016

Another date in another year..

I am a year wiser. hope so! 

Thank u to those who wish me yesterday. I'm so touched. Seriously. I did'nt reveal my birth date on FB. So there is no notification pop out yesterday. Somehow.. there are people who remember my birth date. 

Only those who knew you well does not need FB to remind you your birth date. 

Once again, from the bottom of my heart.. thank you for all the wishes.  I'm so blessed that I have all of you as my family and friends.

To my BFF, UZ. Thank you for the super duper expensive candle! Yes! I don't need a cake when I have a Red Velvet Cupcake Candle. Hehehe..

To my Hannim, Anja, Kakak, Hana and Izz. Thank you for the suprise.  Indeed i'm suprise! Eventhought the cake is lousy, but the thought is count ok!

To Fyda. Thank you for the wish. Our friendship does not count with gift but it count by our sincerity.

To Mama, Kaka, Amad, Mira, Icat and Kak Long. Thank you for the wishes.

To my NPD Ladies Counterpart. Hahaha.. Its ok you guys does not remember my birth date! Dont feel guilty ok! Anyway! Thank you for the wishes guys! And gossips!

To my DBA friends. Thank you for the wishes even we just knew each other..

To my Kelas Atasan Friends. Thank you for the wishes. We are not always togather but we know we have each other..

To AAS. Thank you for the bouquet and dinner and gelato! Oh not forgotten.. You owe my pressieeeee!! Hahaha.

All in all. It just another date in another year.. I'm blessed and happy even i've to go through the sleepless nights.. the endless stress.. But i know.. i'm not alone...

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