Tuesday, 12 February 2013

long weekend..

chinese new year holiday.. its a long weekend without any activity.. kind of boring.. staring at my phone all day long.. what a disaster weekend i ever had.. not productive at all..

i have to admit that i love it when i dont need to think about the traffic.. i dont need to wake up early morning to go to work.. i dont need to move my body here and there.. lying in front of tv with remote control beside me is awsome!! except.. mom dont have starworld and fox channel..

the holidays is about to end in few hours.. now.. i am enjoying my time.. lepaking at coffee bean.. alone.. hey you!! dont stare at me like that.. im not an alien!!

* there's no wrong lepaking alone at coffee bean..

i have my phone with me.. and i dont need human to accompany me.. kalau ada org pun.. ini jugak yg berlaku.. we stare at our own gadjet.. and not talking..

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